ADSLguide: Be seeks trial users in London area for ADSL2+ service

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BE, a new LLU operator in London is hoping to attract trialists by offering free service in September and then £20 pm for the basic service (it costs £4 pm extra for static IP).

The trial included a free connection and a free Speedtouch router with 4 Ethernet ports, a Wireless (802.11g) port and 2 phone ports (currently not used directly with the service) and an analogue port (again unused, but can plug into the PSTN - in the future will allow a pass-through service).

The service will deliver 24Mb/s downstream and 1Mb/s upstream, but customers need to be 1Km or less from the exchange or the usable speeds decrease.

Be haven't released final pricing, but this is in-line with services in Europe where £20 or less pm will get basic Internet service, national phone-calls and basic TV services.
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