Digit Online news - Sony withdraws copy-protected CDs

Digit Online news - Sony withdraws copy-protected CDs

After two weeks of relentless criticism over its XCP copy protection software, Sony BMG Music Entertainment is pulling CDs that contain the software from store shelves. The company is also planning to offer customers a way to exchange CDs that contain the flawed copy-protection software.

It's also come to light that the software that Sony released to make the copy protection software visible may cause further security breaches in Windows as the ActiveX is flawed.

Microsoft has also announced that it's next version of its Malicious Software Removal Tool will remove Sony's copy protection system from Windows.

This is an example of how Digital Rights MAnagement can completely alienate users, it also shows how dumb it can be. Anyone seriously wanting to copy the CD's can just put them into an Apple Mac or Linux based system.

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