Canon UK - Digital Compact Cameras

Canon UK - Digital Compact Cameras

Canon have introduced 3 new Digital Ixus cameras.

The new Ixus 800 IS which is due in April has a 6MP sensor, but 4x optical zoom and image stabilisation, but in the standard sized Ixus case. It also allows up to ISO800 speeds which is good for low light situations. It also uses a 16:9 aspect ratio (widescreen). It will cost £340 +VAT.

There's also a Ixus 60 and 65, bith sporting 6MP sensors and 3x optical zoom, again they support up to ISO800 sensitivity and widescreen. The 60 has a 2.5" screen and the 65 a 3" screen, they cost "55 and £299 +VAT respectivly.

At the high end there's now an EOS 30D which will replace the 20D, it offers a longer lasting shutter (100,000 operations) and a bigger LCD of 2.5", but retains the same 8MP sensor. It has a lag of only 0.15 seconds from hitting the shoot button. I can also shoot in two modes of 3 and 5fps, with the 1st allowing more pictures to be stored before it runs out of internal memory.

This must be the year of the 8MP sensor, so 12MP next year.
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