Digit news - Mac OS X worm surfaces

Digit news - Mac OS X worm surfaces:

This is the first real reported work for Macs (MacOS X but only PowerPC, it doesn't affect the new Intel variants). Known as Leap.A, it spreads as an attachment throuch iChat though it's been reported to spread through Bluetooth too.

Though it's meant to be pretty easy to remove, Symantec are recommending infected users re-install the OS.

There's meant to be a flaw in Safari too, but Apple as yet have not released any security fixes or patches.

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slapdash said...

Yeah. It seems as more people are using OS X more people are trying to exploit holes. I still feel its safer than windows though. The Safari security problem caused by the “Open ‘safe’ files after downloading” preference switch. Turn this off and you’re safe from the exploit.