Digit news - Gadgets: 3.2mp blogging phone unwrapped

Digit news - Gadgets: 3.2mp blogging phone unwrapped

Sony's new phones aren't cheap (around £240) but the K800 and K790 phones come with Google's blogging software built-in so users can create a blog through the phone (if they don;t already have one) and pictures taken can be automatically uploaded to the blog. They also have Google as the search engine.

The cameras are autofocus, support red-eye reduction, digital-zoom and 3.2MP sensors. They also feature BestPic where the camera takes 9 pictures and the user can select the one(s) to save. They can also print straight to a printer via a USB cable. They also feature a muic player, video player, FM radio, push Email, Bluetooth, a memory stick slot and 64MB of internal RAM.

A lower end camera the W300 costing about £100 is in their Walkman range, can play MP3 and AAC files, has 20MB internal memory and a removable 256MB memory stick.

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