Infrant Technologies

Infrant Technologies

The Infrant ReadyNAS NV is a very neat piece of kit. It supports 4 drives, gig Ethernet, 6 USB ports. The internal drives are SATA.

The system came configured using Infrant's X-RAID system, though it can be changed to use RAID 0, 1 or 5. It's definately designed for "home" or small business use, and has the concept of shares which can be exported via CIFS (Windows file sharing), NFS, AFP (Apple) and web. The system runs Debian GNU/Linux under the hood, though on a dedicated network processor. CIFS seems to be Samba v3, and it's definately designed with CIFS in mind, though hopefully certain features that are available under CIFS will be made available via the other protocols too.

It's a very small box, and keeps very cool (and quiet).

So far it seems to perform well, though only limited testing has so far been completed. Trying to join a Samba domain on a UNIX system didn't work (well partially - but overall the process failed), this could be a Samba issue on the remote UNIX system rather than an Infrant problem.

CIFS sharing just works and the system just appears as a remote disk.

It's possible to load in a SLIMServer which will search for MP3's and such like and share them to remote systems supporting the SLIM devices protocol. It's also a uP&P media server so remote devices supporting that protocol will automagically pick it up too.

More to follow.
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