Digit news - PlayStation 3 delayed until November

Digit news - PlayStation 3 delayed until November

Sony have delayed the launch of the PS3 (PlayStation 3) until November. This could be more related to software being available for the platform as the Cell chip seems to be going well.

Unfortunately writing software for the Cell chip and it's 8 CPU cores isn't easy (to use all 8 of them in a co-operative manner). Tools are being written that will help programmers and do the hard work of optimising the code for the Cell, but they are still in early stages of development.

It's likely early games wont maximuse core use and gamers will have to wait a while before they do.

Cell isn't just being used in the PS3 though as it has the capability to be a CPU work horse so will find its way into HD TV's, DVD players etc. It's the other uses which are likely to stimulate tool design which will then filter to the games designers.
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