Ofcom Website | Ofcom targets competitive Next Generation Networks

Ofcom Website | Ofcom targets competitive Next Generation Networks:

NGN UK will be led by Peter Black as Executive Chairman, in addition to his ongoing role overseeing the independent Office of the Telecommunications Adjudicator and Local Loop Unbundling. Eight companies have already committed to NGN UK. These include: BT Group plc; Cable & Wireless; Easynet; Kingston Communications; NTL; Thus; Vodafone; Wanadoo UK.

NGNs are where traditional telephony networks are replaced by IP networks and voice transported as VoIP. This will change the face of telephony in the UK. However there are major issues, like how do you hand-over calls to another telephony operator.

BT is the biggest player and first encumbant to completely move their network to IP as part of their 21st Century Network (21CN) roll-out. Without control, everyone will once again become a BT reseller, which is why NGN UK has been set-up.

Whether they have the teeth to effective curb BT's ambitious plans is to be seen.
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