Sony to introduces a Digital SLR

Sony is producing a DSLR utising assets it acquired from Konica Minolta who pulled out of the camera market due to competition.

The range will be known as the Alpha, and use the Konica Minolta lens mounting (known as Dynax in Europe and Maxxum in North America). There's already a reasonably large number of lenses in the range already and Sony are bound to increase the range.

Sony's camera uses a 10.2-megapixel and is known as the alpha DSLR-A100. It can take 750 pictures on a full charge and uses either Compact Flash or Sony's Memory Stick formats (Pro or Duo with an adapter).

THe camera will be available in the US in July for around $900 for just the body, and $1000 as a kit with a 18-70mm zoom lens the DSLR-A100K.

Other manufacturers have been in this market for considerable time, and Sony may have a hard time persuading customers to move as Canon and Nikon seem to have cornered the professional and semi-professional markets.
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