Bay Area

I'm just about to head to the San Francisco airport and head back to London.

Bay Area has been fun (check out Kennedy's Pub and Curry House in SF at the end of the cable car to Pier 39, fun bar and REAL curry).

Went to see Infrant and Slim Devices yesterday and that was cool, today went to Yahoo! for lunch, huge site - 7000 employees. If they ever move out, there's going to be a lot of purple chairs on the market.

I missed Google, but saw the old Netscape building (now Verisign) and the original Netscape building (now AOL, but with a very old AOL America logo). Sun's site in Menlo Park is very tame by comparison.

I'll miss both Bay Area and Seattle, they both inspired me in terms of how start-ups can work, more on that another time.

Thanks to Kelly and Tricia for putting up with me in Seattle (I already miss the coffee) and Paul and Cheri for my time in Belmont.
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