Slim Devices Transporter

This is the new high end "audiophile" system, it's really there and the specs are very impressive.

It's using really nice DACs (Digital Audio Converters), a switch-mode power supply to start the thing up and power the display/CPU while the audio section is powered by a very clean linear power supply.

There's now two digital displays, so stereo spectrum graphs etc.

Digital inputs and outputs are of course there, with optical, digital phono and co-ax. There's phono and balanced analogue.

The new remote is also very nice, much more compact and though initially looking too small, it feels great to use and grows on you.

They seem to have a good relationship with the opensource community, who contribute to the SLIM Server. The only thing closed source is the binary for the players. However much of the Transporter has at least parts contributed by community who Slim Devices hired.

Slim Devices are a really cool company, watch out for some really nice stuff coming out from them.
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