71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz Self Coordinated Links | Ofcom

71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz Self Coordinated Links | Ofcom

Ofcom has made the 71-76 GHz paired with 81-86 GHz bands available for short range links. These paired bands are lightly licensed with a registration fee of £50 pa per link.

Anyone wishing to use equipment must first register the link (having obtained a license) in Ofcom's database. The license affords some measure of interference protection (though Ofcom will try not to get involved unless the interfering parties can not be contacted or resolve issues amongst themselves). A second link can not be registered if there is already a link in place. If a licensee complains of interference, Ofcom has the power to force a later (interfering) link to terminate operation.

The process of registration is currently manual, but this may change.

Though these bands have to potential to offer very high speed fixed links (there's 9GHz in each direction for a full-duplex operation) equipment is currently extremely expensive so it's unlikely to have widespread adoption. This is mainly due to exotic materials needing to be used as silicon does not function well (radio wise) above 10GHz.

There are also safety concerns as the radio waves are likely to be ionising.

However short-range point-to-point links can achieve multi-gigabit speeds suitable for LAN extension services.
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