Regulation of VoIP Services | Ofcom

Regulation of VoIP Services | Ofcom

Ofcom have today published initial regulations for VoIP providers.

The key points are: -

* If there is no 999 access the supplier must notify the user and get the user to SIGN to acknowledge it.

* If 999 services are not available there must be stickers/labels on hardware (or notices on software) which tell the user that they are not available.

* Ofcom wants everyone to offer 999 services. In doing so everyone will become PATS (public access telephony system). PATS means that they are compliant with various general conditions.

* Anyone offering a service in the UK is covered by the UK regulations whether operating from the UK or from a foreign country, however Ofcom does not have a solution for foreign operators who do not adhere to the regulations.

Anyone who is now PATS must accept porting requests immediately and can demand ports from any other PATS provider.

Ofcom is also going to consult on various other VoIP related issues in the coming months.
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