UK Apple iPhone deal announced

Steve Jobs was in Apple's UK Regent Street store to announce the deal with O2 for the iPhone which is going to be available on November 9th.

Suprisingly it's not a 3G phone, it will still only support E.D.G.E. as does the US variant. This will mean O2 have a lot of work to do to upgrade all their basestations to support E.D.G.E, though customers have reported that some cells are already showing E.D.G.E capability.

Pricing plans start at £35 per month for 200 minutes and 200 texts with unlimited data, this also gives unlimited WiFi access (via the Cloud). Higher rates give more voice minutes and texts.

Maybe the 16GB version will support 3G, which must be due soon ... giving Apple the ability to sell to the next generation of iPhone users and getting everyone who'se going to buy one at launch the opportunity to upgrade.
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