The Europas: Best European / Real World Gadget (EMEA)

The Europas: Best European / Real World Gadget (EMEA)

Please vote for En-Twyn in the TechCrunch Europas. En-Twyn have designed a mains socket combined with Powerline electronics that is in the process of going to manufacture.

The initial version is based on a UK double gang socket with 2 Ethernet (switched) ports and an LCD display which is used to show the status of the system (i.e. sync, Ethernet activity, link state etc).

More information is available from their TechCrunch entry".

Future versions will carry multiple media types (audio, video, etc) and have an embedded Linux controller allowing Quality of Service and a remotely controllable architechture (including being able to monitor socket power usage and being able to turn off power to the sockets).

Do please vote.
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