Michael Jackson Flashmob at Liverpool St station

On Friday 26th of June 2009 there was a Michael Jackson Flashmob moonwalk.

It all started on Twitter when Milo Yiannopoulos picked up on a tweet where Rob Manuel of b3ta mentioned that a Michael Jackson flashmob should happen. Milo took it upon himself to make it so.

The flashmob was meant to start at 6, but myself and the lovely Gail Porter arrived at just after 5 to see if we could help out. Gail had retweeted the event to her 14,358 followers.

Though City of London Police weren't too bother, British Transport Police didn't seem to pleased at the thought of hundreds or thousands descending on Liverpool St station. They started taping off the top section of the station and speaking to Milo downstairs it soon became apparent that if any kind of crowd started to gather, they'd start arresting people.

Quick re-arrangements meant relocating outside to Liverpool St and the City of London Police being extremely co-operative (and so unlike earlier G20 events), it was a hot sunny day and many seemed to be "up for it". The sounds system was moved from outside MacDonald's (where a crowd of a couple of hundred people had started to gather) to the opposite side of the street in-front of a tanning salon.

It took a while getting all the kit across (Liverpool St was by now filling up, the Police had blocked access to cars) and suddenly it dawned on everyone that it was actually happening.

Though it's difficult to say how many people were there, it seemed like several thousand (Liverpool St was rammed from the Broadgate end to beyond the station). Milo introduced the event and managed to get 3 Jacko songs in before the Police called it a day. Though the event was meant to be a mass moonwalk, it was a bit packed for much to actually take place.

Everyone seemed to have a great time and special thanks must go to London Speaker Hire for getting the sound system there.
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