Vonage iPhone app approved by Apple

Vonage runs a VoIP service and their aim is to replace the home's phone service and move it over to themselves.

They provide an ATA (or DECT systems) which plug into the IP connection and allows users to make calls. In the UK Vonage would really like to get hold of 'naked DSL' whereby BT (or other phone operator, but mainly BT) provide a 'wires only' service so a broadband provider can provide DSL, but there's no voice on the line. Currently this isn't possible. If it was, Vonage could bundle a DSL service with its phone offerings. Maybe when the UK has some kind of fiber offering they'll get a naked IP service.

Vonage have always offered a softphone so users can make and receive calls when away from home, an iPhone app would do the same. Though Vonage have quite a few users, they're not up there with Google and Google's Voice app still has not been approved.

It did take a while for Vonage to get approval, but Apple's reasoning was that Vonage needed to fix a few software issues. Apple have previous approved various other VoIP services (as long as they only work over WiFi and NOT 3G).

One reason Apple may not like Google Voice is that it allegedly hooks into the dialer, so when a call is made Google will try and route it over Google's network if possible.
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