Moshi Monsters leaves the web and move on to the Nintendo DS

Moshi Monsters the children's on-line social world that already has over 50m registered users (between 6 and 12) has now moved on to the Nintendo DS with the release of Moshling Zoo.

The game allows children to run the Moshling Zoo and they have to collect up to 52 different Moshlings (which are Moshi Monster pets) including some rare and even ultra-rare types.

The game is available now from on-line retailers for £29.99, and a limited edition is available from Game which includes three days membership to the on-line version of Moshi Monsters, 1,000 free Rox (the in-game currency of MoshiMonsters), Topps series 2 trading cards, an exclusive Moshi Monsters top trumps card and the exclusive Moshling.

Moshi Monsters comes out of Mind Candy the brainchild of Michael Acton Smith and will be followed by music videos (if they don't get sued again) and video series.
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