Ofcom opens test facility for testing SRDs

Ofcom the super regulator covering media, broadcasting, radio, telecommunications and postal services is opening a testing facility in Baldock on March 5th 2012.

Short Range Devices (SRDs) such as consumer wireless headphones, wireless microphones (those used for public address in non commercial environments), certain wireless alarms and devices for tracking supermarket stock can be used without a license across Europe. They operate in the band between 863 and 870 MHz (known as the SRD band).

This band is in the wider current analogue TV band which is due to be switched off in April 2012 and will be auctioned in 2013. Though the auction will be technology neutral, it is expected to be used for Long Term Evolution (LTE) otherwise known as 4G services.

The testing facility will allow SRDs to be tested in the presence of LTE emissions from handsets/dongles to see the effects and ensure they continue working.

The full PDF with links to various other Ofcom consultations and statement is available here
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