Digit Online news - Canon launches 12.8mp SLR camera

Digit Online news - Canon launches 12.8mp SLR camera

Canon's new 12.8mp EOS5D has a full frame sensor (i.e. the same as a 35mm film camera) which means no adjustment on standard lenses (normally digital SLR camera users have to multiply the focal length by 1.6 so wider angle lenses lose their wide angle properties).

It can shoot at frames per second and store 60 images in internal memory before having to save to the external memory. It also features a 0.2s start-up time.

It also uses standard Canon EF lenses including the new 204-105mm lens announced at the same time as the camera.

Though a professional camera, it has pre-defined point and shoot modes so also fits the prosumer market.

It's not cheap at £2,159 for the body alone, but 12.8mp is approaching film, and electronic sensors generally have a better sensitivity range (i.e. iso setting) which allows them to be used in a greater range of light settings.

Since it uses the same DIGIC-II processor as in other cameras, these resolutions are bound to filter down to consumer variants very soon.
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