Pipex fires up UK WiMax trial - vnunet.com

Pipex fires up UK WiMax trial - vnunet.com

Pipex acquired a 3.5GHz national license through an acquisition it made a while back. So far it hasn't really done anything with the license as equipment has been expensive for both basestations and customer premises. However WiMAX changes that and prices are falling.

Whether Pipex actually utilise the spectrum themselves or, under the new spectrum trading regulations. sell it off is another matter, but making trial noises will increase its value.

It's rumoured that BT have already offered £5m for it, but Pipex said no and they've had to go back to the BT board to get some more.

However since wireless broadband isn't really Pipex's main business it's likely they'll want to sell it, but gaining as much value for themselves in doing so. Running a trial show's the spectrum has value.

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