Intel rediscovers networking over powerlines - vnunet.com

Intel rediscovers networking over powerlines - vnunet.com

Intel are jumping on to as many networking technologies as they can. They've been hyping WiMAX like there's nothing else out there, but then they build chips and they build WiMAX chips.

They pulled out of Homeplug in 2000, but now have rejoined what's become the HomePlug and Powerline Alliance.

Though broadband speeds are increasing, the real jumps are going to be made in home networks both in wired and wireless technologies so people can distribute music and high-definition (HD) TV around their homes.

Though wireless is useful is doesn't penetrate thicks or metal walls. Most houses already have wires going everywhere, supplying electricity. The HPA is promoting technology and standards to utilise the existing electricity cabling to be a network within the home, as well as using the powerlines coming into the home for supplying the broadband itself.

It's only another chip off the block for Intel of course.

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