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Today Inkd have launched, another creation of Curios Office.

Inkd was originally known as Pressplane who have been very secretive about what they've been doing, now all is revealed.

Inkd is all about designers creating office stationary templates and being able to sell this to companies wanting their own designs, but not being able to afford (or have the resources available) of doing it by themselves. Designers upload their templates and customers download and customise them.

Customers are charged for the templates and designers get a cut of the fee. The more designers that sign-up and upload templates, the more customers will be attracted to the site. All uploaded work is checked by Inkd staff to ensure its quality and meets Inkd's guidelines.

Curious Office launched a successful site for artists/photographers called ImageKind which was sold to Cafe Press.

Kelly Smith is the brains behind Curious Office/ImageKind and Pressplane/Inkd.

Hopefully Inkd will be another successful venture.
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