UK01 the 6th UK network

UK01 are a new mobile operator in the UK offering localised GSM hotzones. Currently you buy a UK01 SIM (or get one for free) and buy minutes - on-line through the UK01 site or via local outlets (Pazone or epay).

The UK01 rates are very competitive, especially to non UK numbers - though UK rates are too bad, 1p per minute to a landline, 8p to a mobile and text messages cost 3p (though bundle deals are available).

UK01 are planning to offer a SIMless service soon, whereby users have to manually select the UK01 network on the phone. Normally the network doesn't recognise the EMEI and so rejects the connection, however UK01 welcome the EMEI and immediately register it. The phone then receives an SMS with the UK01 phone number (which can immediately receive calls) and tells the user how they can buy credit to make outgoing calls.

Coverage is currently limited to areas within Newham, but UK01 is planning to expand into neighbouring boroughs and even across the whole of London.

UK01 has already sold thousands of SIMs and is generating hundreds of thousands of call minutes per month, which isn't bad for a new operator - especially one that's operating in such a small area.

UK01 are definitely a network to watch, they could be extremely disruptive to the MNOs.
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