Ofcom 2.6GHz spectrum Auction

Though T-Mobile has dropped their intention to take Ofcom to Judicial Review, O2 have now taken Ofcom to Judicial review and are attempting to include T-Mobile's intention even though T-Mobile pulled out. This will occur in April.

It has now also been ported that there is the potential for interference to radars operating in the 2.7GHz band which include airport radar. Therefore at least initially there will need to be coordination between 2.6GHz licensees and radar operators (such as the CAA and some ship types operated by the MoD and others).

At some point in the future the radar systems will be adjusted such that interference from 2.6GHz will be minimised.

Ofcom is still intending to launch the auction as soon as the judicial review has taken place (assuming it goes there way).
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