Atom Chip Corporation

If this really exists it looks like a nice new chip (I guess with x86 emulation).

CPU 6.8GHz (with 256MB of on chip RAM).
Main memory 1TB
Storage 2TB.

The Atomchip uses some kind of optical memory, which is non-volatile and very fast. No price quoted, but if it's cheap it does look like the future of computing.

Ofcom Website | Local loop unbundling: setting the fully unbundled rental charge ceiling and minor amendment to SMP conditions FA6 and FB6

Ofcom have released a consultation re the rate BT can set for fully unbundling a line (in the Local Loop Unbundling/LLU) process. They had already set a ceiling for shared metallic path, whereby BT keep the voice aspects and the LLU operators just offers broadband.

The price they are recommending is £81.85 for the fully unbundled line. Some operators were hoping for a much lower level.

Mini satellites to revolutionise telecoms - Network IT Week

Mini satellites the size of a milk carton and weighing 3.5Kg, being of such a small size, they can easily be launched into orbit.

They are being developed by University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies and called the CanX-2.

If enough control can be put into them, they could be used for the next generation of GPS, or even a next generation space telescope which will use multiple lenses held by lots of satellites stationed hundreds of miles apart to increase the focal area and thus increase resolution.

If they don't work, they'll just be more space junk.