Nokia N800 Internet tablet

Small and feature packed. It works with Googletalk out the box and also now supports Skype (with the latest software upgrade).

It has a virtual keyboard that works pretty well, and web browsing seems to support most sites.

There are apps that can be downloaded to make it pretty useful like an ssh client (and server), VNC client etc.

It's just small enough to carry around, but not as small as a mobile phone.

It also has sensible settings for Email (like supporting different smtp servers for different connection profiles.

Google invests in Ubiquisys

Ubiquisys an Oxford based company have developed a 3G femtocell (known as Zonegate) using Picochip technology.

Google have invested around $10m of their $25m B round financing.

Google have also said they are looking at investing $4.6bn in the 700MHz wireless auction in the US (if the FCC holds the auction in a manner they consider fair).

It wouldn't be suprising if Google put money into the UK 2.5GHz auction that will happen next year, they may well also invest in a UK GSM Guard band license holder.

It seems Google believe licensed spectrum is the way forwards and are implementing that strategy.