It's time to Blaze ahead (well Beryl)

Beryl (as was Blaze) have started shipping their new front-facing white light/laser combo now called the Laseerlight Core. It's considerably smaller than the older Laserlight and attaches via a silicon strap that goes around the handlebars. There are two inserts for the clip that attaches to the Core to cope with differing tube widths.

The case is now plastic rather than aluminium and it's an altogether smaller design, though the light is 400 lumens along with the green laser that projects the bicycle shape on to the road.

There are 4 modes Day Flash, Pulse, 100% solid, 50% solid and the laser on or off. The battery should last for 41 hours (according to Beryl).

No idea why the iPhone made the green laser look bluefish, but it's really green.

The original Laserlight cost £125, but the new Core is a much more wallet friendly £69.99 and much smaller so it can easily be taken off the bike and put in a rucksack or bag and not take a lot of space.