It's the case that will stand by you

The Clckr Stand and Grip Apple iPhone case does exactly what is says on the box. There's a plastic piece divided into 3 parts that folds smoothly into the back of the case so it fits comfortably into a pocket etc. There's also a version for the Samsung S20+.

It comes in a cardboard case, with the front piece that flips open giving access to the plastic part, so the sliding action can be tried while the case seal remains unbroken.

The case is black plastic and Clckr say it will withstand a 2m drop.

Sliding the plastic back, then makes it protrude and it can be used as a grip (slide your hand into it).

If the plastic is then pushed down (it should hold, but it doesn't always and easily pops out - though the weight of the phone will hold it in position when placed on a surface).

It's reasonably stable in this position

It's can be used on the side too, just make sure the the section where the hinge clips into is clear of anything or the hinge will pop out without pressure applied (like in the upright position). Both sides of the hinge should 'click' when pushed firmly and will stay in place.

In the vertical position allows easy handsfree viewing of videos or listening to music. It would work well with an Bluetooth keyboard so you're not touching the phone which can be a bit unstable. In the horizontal mode again would work well with a keyboard and it's a good viewing angle for writing.

It's available for £34.99 direct from Clckr's site in Carbon Fibre Black and Blue, Perforated Black, Clear black and Blue and Saffiano Black and Blue and fits all models of iPhone 11.