Windows Live WiFi Center

This is being made available to a select number of Office 2007 beta testers. It allows users to find WiFi hotspots as well as find out what's actively around them. Users can then select "free" or paid for services and mark them as favourites.

It will then ease the set-up of virtual private networks (VPN) to ensure the connection is secure.

It's all part of Microsoft's Windows Live services.

Bryce 5 for free

Daz is offering free downloads of the 3D World software Bryce version 5.

It's available for Mac and Windows, though v5 won't work on MacOS 10.4, version 5 will ($119 upgrade, though by joining Artzone there's a $100 discount available.

Bryce can produce see, land, tree, skys and even planets and even beginners can produce amazing results.

It's a big download, but it will keep the kids amused. NOTE rendering can take a very long time and is extremely CPU intensive.