EE releases LTE charges

EE the new name for Everything Everywhere has announced its plans for devices using their LTE bands. EE got permission from Ofcom to use their 1800MHz spectrum for LTE earlier this year and after successful negotiations with the other Mobile Network Operators (and selling off some of the spectrum to 3 UK) they will be launching on Oct 30th.

The prices are at a premium though and EE is charging more for their LTE tariffs than on their 3G bands.

If you want a LTE devices, tariffs are: -


SIM only deals for people with existing devices are: -


As well as a premium EE are imposing heavy data limits and every extra 2GB costs £15 per month.

Though LTE will allow faster downloads of content, EE is effectively limiting how users can actually use their services unless it's for corporates who are willing to pay the excessive charges for data use (though voice and SMS are unlimited).

New .xxx domains go for sale

The ICM registry which controls the .xxx domain has put up 1000 new domains for sale (based on current searches from the search.xxx search engine).

The .xxx is for adult domains and search.xxx is run purely as an adult/porn search engine.

ICM has already released 200 domains under .xxx which have generated around $5m in revenue. The domain Gay.xxx went for $500,000 and Fetish.xxx for $300,000.

Six3 integrates Facebook and Twitter sharing

Six3 have an iPhone app that allows users to send short videos to each other. This now supports sharing to Facebook and a users Twitter stream.

Facebook integrations allows sending to users privately or posting on their timeline (publicly) and any comments can be viewed in the app itself. The new app is also faster (both in loading and responsiveness).

It's available in the iTunes store and will soon be available on Google Play.

0500 Freephone numbers to disappear

Ofcom the super regular that deals with telecoms amongst other things is holding a consultation to remove the 0500 freephone number range.

This was initially allocated to Mercury and subsequently taken over by Cable and Wireless that is the only operator able to allocate new numbers (though some 0500 numbers have been ported to other providers).

The number of 0500 numbers allocated is not large and therefore Ofcom wants to deallocate the number block (which could be used for new services in future). 0500 number holders will be encouraged to migrate to 080 numbers.

Anyone wishing to respond to the consultation can do so through Ofcom's on-line form.

Plessey release consumer ECG product

Plessey Semiconductor have released an consumer ECG monitor based on their EPIC chip. Called imPulse, it works by a user just holding the device with their thumbs and then displays the ECG on a smartphone or tablet connected via Bluetooth.

The devices contains two Plessey PS25201 EPIC sensor (one for each thumb) and the software on the smartphone/tablet can perform simple analysis to display the heart rate.

The sensors work by detecting the electrical potential in the air (about 100V per metre of height) and the disruption caused by the human electrical signals.

The sensors can also be used for non-contact heart rate detection, but there is a lot more ambient noise to remove and requires more complex software for analysis.

The EPIC sensors can also be used to detect people through walls using clever software.