VoIP players already failing

It's seems Freetalk the VoIP service provided by Dixons is shutting shop a year after having started the service, users can migrate to Vonage though pricing stays the same they will require new Vonage equipment. Gossiptel seem to have disappeared into the mists too - even their website is gone.

VoIP isn't the panacea everyone hoped for, especially since normal telephony tariffs are plummeting and bundle deals are becoming normal (BT Retail has now had price restrictions lifted).

Unless a VoIP player has significant volume their future is limited.

Megalaser 120mW laser

Megalaser are now selling 120mW green lasers mounted in a handy laserpointer.

Of course they aren't laser pointers, they are just industrial lasers mounted for convenient transport.

Green lasers are very bright anyway and 120mW will carry the beam visibly for 10's of miles, but they are dangerous (they'll burn holes in plastic bags) and shouldn't be pointed directly (or reflected) into people's eyes.

They probably shouldn't be used near airports or such like too.

Canon announces EOD400D

This is the successor to the hugely popular EOS350D. It has got a 10.1MP sensor with cleaning technology that shakes the dust off it.

It has a 2.5 inch LCD display supporting 230,000 pixels and a viewing angle of 160 degrees.

In burst mode it can shoot 3fps and store up to 10 RAW or 27 JPEGs.

All EF and EF-S (over 60) lenses are supported as well as Speedlite EX flash units.

Pricing is expected to be competetive to the Sony Alpha but seems to be about £649 for the body only or around £719 with an EF-S 18-55mm lens.

Star Letter in T3

T3 published my letter re HD TV.

I get another Slim Devices Squeezebox3, oh what fun.


Google beta Business hosted apps

Google have just launched a beta version of hosted Email/Calendar and Google Talk but under your own domain.

Though only beta it could offer a real challenge to Microsoft as companies can completely dump problematic applications (like Exchange) and use Google instead.

It's currently free and anyone accepted on the beta, it looks to remain free too.

Ebay choose Google for advertising

Google's press release has some details.

Advertising on Ebay isn't unexpected, though sellers may have concern that adverts will appear offering competing goods. What's odd is the "click to talk" announcement where buyers can talk to sellers - but using Skype OR GoogleTalk.

Ebay paid a lot of money for Skype (they own it) so promoting a competing (beta) service would seem strange.

Maybe it's all to stop Microsoft getting a foothold.