Android now Rummbles

Rummble has just been released for Android phones. Rummble is an application that allows people to rate and locate venues etc. It also has 'check-in' functionality so that friends can be notified that you've arrived at a venue.

Rummble has been available on the iPhone for sometime, but version 1.5 with check-in and social sharing functions was released last week. Now the Android version has these features and the ability to view where friends are on a map and better twitter integration.

The press release included a QRcode which when decoded had a URL to the Rummble blog which also has a QRcode to the Android download. There are of course some sensible free QRcode decoders for Android already out there.

Rummble is a company to watch.


Google release Update Engine for MacOS X

Google have released an application and framework that developers can include in their code allowing MacOS X programs to auto-update.

The code is available to download from Update Engine under an Apache 2.0 license.

The system allows MacOS X programs to check back to a server (specified in a .plist file) that then checks versions and other relevant information and if an update is available goes and gets it. This then also generates a script which can be used to install the app.

This should make it very easy for Apple developers to include auto-update functionality to their applications.

Foursquare release Blackberry version

300 lucky (?) Blackberry users have been selected to beta test a Foursquare client that works on Blackberry devices. The beta is private, but users are allowed to show it working to friends etc, though not post public links to the download etc.

So results will be posted here, though as per the instructions, no screenshots or links to where to download it, sorry.

TomTom support not so supportive

Recently my TomTom GO910 computer voice stopped working even though upgrades etc had taken place using the supplied TomTom Home software. The pre-recordered voices worked fine, only the text-to-speech system from Loquendo seemed to have failed.

After logging a support incident with TomTom, they recommended removing the LogquendoTTS directory from the device and then a long protracted support dialogue took place. After backing-up several directories and performing various set-up steps an email came in asked to restore the LoquendoTTS directory that had been deleted (before any back-ups were requested).

Now the unit has to go back to TomTom at their expense, but even so it means not having a navigation device for a while. Not the most optimal use of my time and a bit of a support failure.


TRaC opens new testing facility - in Hull

TRaC who are Testing Regulatory and Compliance a body that performs interoperability testing etc have set-up shop in Hull. This will allow vendors and chipset manufacturers to ensure their system work with others.

TRaC will have a number of different DSL solutions from several vendors (25 DSLAMs and 2 interoperability labs) and can test ADSL, SHDSL, ADSL2+, and VDSL2 as well as ensuring regulatory compliance and EMI compliance.

The operations are being moved from the current Santa Clara base.