Twitter seems to have started out as an SMS service allowing people to send messages to each other. Now it's been linked in to Instant Messaging systems and Twitter apps.

Having a Blackberry led to installing Blackbird which works, though was a bit clunky.

TwitterBerry is a bit more polished, but also slightly more quirky (using it on a Curve on the 4.2 OS which seems to work ok, though people are complaining it's doing odd things on 4.5 which is on the Bold).

It quite fun "following" people (such like Stephen Fry - who seems to be quite taken by his Twitterific client and uses it regularly) though it's also a bit voyeuristic (is that a word?).

Do people really want to know you're enjoying a glass of wine with a friend, or off to the pub? It does seem so...


EETimes.com - Startup claims Gbit version of Wi-Fi

EETimes.com - Startup claims Gbit version of Wi-Fi:

Quantenna Communications has anounced a chipset capable of delivering 1Gb/s using modified 802.11n protocols. They use up to 8 aerials in a MIMO configuration to steer the beams up to 50m and through walls.

The system used both 2.4 and 5GHz.

The chipset is also small (2.5 x 2 inches) so it can be incorporated into consumer devices.

The chip consumes 10W and should cost around $20 when available next year.

If the technology really works and becomes readily available, it would allow for the distribution of HD video through the home and compete with systems based on 60GHz (which don't penetrate anything - including air for any distances).

New MacBooks

Apple has released a new 13" MacBook and new 15" MacBook Pros. They are all hewn from solid aluminium and use a mini-displayport connection for connection to an external monitor.

They look very pretty.

Apple's also released a new 24" Displayport monitor to go with them (though not available yet).

The Macbook has USB interfaces, while the Pro has USB/Firewire and an ExpressCard/34 slot. Both have DL-DVD writers.

Review of the 070 personal numbering range | Ofcom

Review of the 070 personal numbering range | Ofcom: "07|01|2009"

Ofcom is holding a consultation that closes on 07|01|2009 about 070 personal numbers.

Initially Ofcom wanted to move these to an 06 range, but this has now been dropped as it would not be economic.

There are also issues as alarm system utilise 070 numbers so pre-announcements indicating pricing is also not workable.

Phonepayplus and Ofcom are still receiving complaints about misuse of 070 numbers, but these have significantly reduced since Ofcom initially announced plans to change 070 services.

Ofcom are proposing a number of measures: -

* supporting and monitoring current enforcement action being carried out by PhonepayPlus in relation to scams on the 070 range.

* requiring originating communications providers to publish their tariffs for calls to 070 numbers more prominently and to make them easier to understand for consumers.

* amending guidance on the acceptable use of numbers in relation to compliance with General Condition 17 by ensuring Personal Numbering Service providers who provide 070 numbers to end users to carry out due diligence of sub-allocatees of personal numbers.

The consultation also covers Ofcom's plans to remove the requirements for pre-call announcements.


Update - October 2008 | Ofcom

Update - October 2008 | Ofcom

Ofcom amended General Condition 18 such that “Telephone number portability for consumers switching suppliers” would be achieved in under 2 hours. This has now been dropped as Ofcom lost a tribunal initiated by Vodafone (and joined in by the other big 3 GSM operators) which ruled Ofcom was acting unfairly.

This is a real shame as UKporting has now ceased too and the mobile operators can maintain their sluggish porting arrangements.

Ofcom statement on Channel 4 and DAB radio | Ofcom

Ofcom statement on Channel 4 and DAB radio | Ofcom

Channel 4 has pulled out of 4 Digital Group the national DAB multiplex that is made up of Bauer Digital Radio Limited, Carphone Warehouse Group plc, Sky News Radio Limited, Global Radio Ltd, UTV Radio (GB) Limited and UBC Media Group plc.

Ofcom recognises that in these economic difficult times companies have to make commercial decisions, but this must be a blow for them.

Ofcom are in discussion with 4 Digital and other multiplexes owners and the BBC to discuss options.