Klevio - the smarter way to lock your home

Klevio, previously known as Sherlock and spun out from Onefinestay is an hardware device and app (iOS and Android) that can connect to your existing door entry system or just installed making allowing you to open your door remotely.

The simpler install just replaces the "socket" part of the lock with an electronic version (electronic strike) which is connected to the Klevio hardware. If there are multiple locks, the electronic strike will be on the main lock.

If there's an existing door entry system, minimally Klevio will just work as normal allowing remote control any connected locks. This could just control the front-door if a house install or a communal front-door lock and flat lock (flat install). Depending on the type of door entry system, Klevio will also enable audio to be connected too, there's Klevio page that shows compatible systems, this allows you to speak to the person at the door and so you can decide to let them in or not )when the press the door bell).

The Klevio unit should ideally be near a mains power source (it uses as USB power supply provided by Klevio) and near the lock / door entry system. Klevio do nicely provide stickers for the power supply say "do not unplug" as (well in my case) the main reason for the unit to stop working is someone unplugging it to plug in a vacuum cleaner or such like.

The Klevio unit is about 6 inches square and tends to blend in when mounted on a wall. Any cables that need to be installed are done so discretely so they run next to existing infrastructure and don't glaringly cross walls etc.

The installation engineer will need to know your WiFi SSID and password so the that the Klevio device can connect back to Klevio and then be controlled by the app. The 4G version also will work even if your WiFi or broadband fail as 4G is used as a fall-back. Though it happens rarely it really can be a life-saver when you need to get back into your property and your Internet isn't working.

The app is where the cleverness happens, it will show any locks that are enabled (and allow you to name them i.e. say "Communal Door" and "Flat Door"). If your door entry system is supported, when someone rings the bell, the app will be notified and then you can speak to the person at the door and decide whether to let them in or not. Unfortunately the entry system on my flat doesn't support voice, but it works fine controlling both the flat door and main house door.

The above functionality would be good enough i.e. being able to let people into your property when you're not there, but where Klevio get clever is that you can transfer or lend keys to other people. Lent keys can also be timed, so they expire on a certain date. This is really great for having people to stay so they can get access without having to find and give them a physical keys (which they then lose and you have to change the locks) or if you're an Airbnb host, just get your guests to install the Klevio app and lend them the keys for their stay. Digital keys are so much nicer than physical keys. If something does go wrong, any issued keys can also be easily revoked through the app too.

Remote unlocking of doors may seem an unnecessary luxury, but it has certainly been an invaluable service that has got myself out of trouble several times having locked myself out my flat. It's also really useful when you need to let someone in when you know you're going to be out, but can still access data through your phone.

The unit can be purchased directly from Klevio. Definitely recommended.

The unit comes in two flavours WiFi and 4G back-up for £299 or WiFi only £249.

There's also two install options, one for a house for £200 (one door) and one for a flat (flat door and communal door) for £250.