BT kills and fixes line fault

Last Friday I noticed my ADSL wasn't working - this was about 6pm, but thought nothing of it as probably a line drop of something, when I got back later that evening the line was still down. It was late so left it until morning.

The line was still down so I contacted my ISP who said they could see nothing wrong, so I should check the line and report a fault to BT if there was an error. That's when the search started for an analogue phone to plug in. Luckily there was a BT Openreach van parked opposite, and it's owner was just going off to work so I begged the use of his analogue handset and he nicely obliged.

I plugged it in and the line was dead like the dodo. No dial-tone. I returned the handset and he commented "oh BT have been doing lots of exchange upgrades in the area and as these were converted to DSL early, they're a mess and a lot of stuff is undocumented so when they change things, it doesn't always go well"

I phone'd up BT faults and got their automated system which after several menus eventually told me there was a fault and would I like alerts (which came to my mobile phone). This was about 9.30am.

At 11.15am a BT Engineer appeared with reference to the fault, did a few tests. I enquired why someone responded so quickly and was told "there are a lot of BT Engineers in the area, and we're blitzing faults" and then disappeared saying "they need to do some tests in the exchange I'll be back in a hour or so".

I had to do some errands and disappeared for a while.

About 12.45 the engineer appeared again, tested the line and all was well.

3 hours (near enough) fix for a line fault on a Saturday - very impressive for BT. I was expecting to wait to at least Monday to have someone respond, let alone have it fixed.

I'd guess either they knew they'd broken things or it was really just a lucky break. Likely to be either 21CN or DSLMax uogrades I'd guess.