Notice of Ofcom’s proposal to make (Ultra-Wideband Equipment) (Exemption) Regulations | Ofcom

Notice of Ofcom’s proposal to make (Ultra-Wideband Equipment) (Exemption) Regulations | Ofcom

In line with EU direction, Ofcom is planning on allowing UWB (Ultra-Wideband) Equipment license excempt (as are other bands such as 2.4GHz used for WiFi).

UWB works by spreading data across a very wide section of spectrum, the data is error corrected by duplication and other means. This allows very high data rates to be achieved. As UWB is very low power, it doesn't really cause interference and if another (non UWB) devices "hears" the UWB transmission it can generally be thought of as background noise.

As UWB operators across a large range, if other devices interfere with it, the data can be retrieved from another part of the transmission.

Unfortunately the EU's variant of UWB has slightly different characteristics from the US's already working version so US equipment can not be used in Europe. It will be a while for silicon to become available that meets the EU specification.

Ofcom are consulting on the proposal to make UWB use license excempt.


EMI follows Apple's YouTube lead

EMI is putting up videos of artists on YouTube. This now means there are 4 labels supplying content.

Apple (who seem to be good friends with EMI with the recent announcement of high quality DRM free songs on iTunes) are making YouTube content available through Apple TV.

Viacom is still suing Google (YouTube's owners) for alleged copyright infringment.

Adobe supports Google 3D Warehouse

Adobe has launched a plugin for CS3 that allows users to access Google's 3D Warehouse which is the on-line model gallery for Google's Sketchup system.

Though there are limitations, it will allow users to directly utilise a model within CS3 using its 3D capabilities.

Goggle's 3D Warehouse is all about user generated content and there's a lot of it there, not all good ...

iPhone to go on sale June 29th

Apple's long awaited iPhone is to go on sale on the 29th of June 2007, though demand is likely to be high, there's a good chance that there wont be enough to go around with only around 200,000 expected for launch.

Currently it's not possible to install applications on the iPhone but Steve Jobs has stated it may be possible in the future, though he's not saying when.

AT&T have a 5 year exclusive on the iPhone, so other networks are looking for alternatives and the LG Prada is such an example.

The iPhone isn't expected in Europe until next year, when hopefully there'll be 3G support - though Steve Jobs doesn't expect content (like music downloads) to take place over air, they'll still require syncing with iTunes on a PC or Mac.

Maybe it's worth a trip to the US to buy one.

Public Call Boxes - Consent for non-uniform charging for geographic tariffing trials | Ofcom

Public Call Boxes - Consent for non-uniform charging for geographic tariffing trials | Ofcom

Ofcom are allowing BT to conduct trials of non-uniform pricing tariffs from BT call boxes (outside of Hull). There will be periodic trials over the next 3 years (until 2010).

BT have a universal service obligation (USO) to provide call boxes, though many of these are unprofitable. This would allow BT to charge more for calls to distant geographic locations (in the UK).

BT would prefer not to run remote call boxes at all and this is a comprimise from Ofcom.