UK Enum Consortium

UK Enum Consortium

ENUM is a way for people to route calls to telephone numbers. The telephone number owner specifies how they want the calls delivered.

This is a relatively complex system and stores the information in DNS using NAPTR records.

UKEC owns the +44 zone (which it was allocated by the DTI as was).

There will be two main uses for ENUM (as per UKEC) for routing telephone calls and for carriers routing calls.

Nominet are what's called the Tier 1 registry for the +44 zone and will maintain the DNS for it. In future there will be Registrars who actually register numbers into the registry. There will also be Number Authorities who verify that numbers are owned by who they say they are. Much of how this all works still needs to be decided.

Recently elections for the board of directors took place and the following people were elected: -

James Blessing
Peter Gradwell
Steve Kennedy (me)
Denesh Bhabuta

ENUM will play a significant part in the future of telephony, especially as BT role-out their 21CN.

DNS will also be significantly impacted as in future every telephone call will require an ENUM look-up (though companies/telcos will be able to purchase local caches).

UKEC is looking for members and shortly a PAB (policy advisory board).

fring auto-roaming delivers mobile internet convergence

fring auto-roaming delivers mobile internet convergence

Fring is an application that supports VoIP (SIP) and various instant messaging protocols (Skype®, MSN® Messenger, Google Talk™, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo!™ and AIM®).

It can then put all your voice traffic over a data connection (or WiFi if available).

They've now made an iPhone application that works on the iPhone - the only trouble is it needs to be a "hacked" version i.e. one that has the 'Install' application on it which can download other applications (so going out and buying a vanilla iPhone wont work).

When Apple officially launch firmware v2 (June), it's expected Fring will launch an official application as Apple say they will support VoIP as long as it's over WiFi.

ZYB | Bring mobile data to life

ZYB | Bring mobile data to life

Well they had to call it something ...

Zyb is a service that allows you to remotely save your contacts/diary/notes/other data from your mobile phone. Of course it's more than that and is also a social networking site as it will look for contacts from your phone and compare them to other users on the site and make guess on who you should connect to.

There are other services with some of functionality (O2 have recently launched Bluebook), but Zyb is operator independent and though allows centralised back-up features, the social networking side is probably what's going to attract users.

They are licensing the technology to operators (who can bundle it with their service, probably white-labeled), but you can expect targeted advertising to appear soon.

You can post "shouts" either through the website or by texting shout plus the message to a Zyb number and it goes to all your connections.

There's so many social networking sites around, Zyb will have to fight hard to get in the game, but even just using the back-up features are useful enough.

Availability of Telephone Numbers | Ofcom

Availability of Telephone Numbers | Ofcom:

Ofcom are seeing increased demand for geographic numbers and in accordance with the numbering plan need to conserve numbers in certain areas.

Therefore Ofcom are proposing to add 96 geographic area codes, in addition to the 169 areas that already have conservation status.

In these areas numbers are allocated in blocks of 1,000 rather than the traditional 10,000 number blocks.

The consultations closes at 5pm on 19 May 2008.

Ofcom Website | Notices

Ofcom Website | Notices

The following will be allowed to bid for licenses in 1452-1492 MHz (L Band).

Adolphus Limited

Arqiva Limited

ePortal Holding K.S.C.

MLL Telecom Ltd

O2 (UK) Limited

Qualcomm UK Spectrum Ltd

The Joint Radio Company Limited

Vectone Network Limited

WorldSpace UK Limited

Some usual suspects and some notably unusual ones. Bidding starts at £50,000.00

Tap into experiences with the Nokia 6212 classic - FierceWireless - Wireless Industry, Wireless Technology News, Wireless Security News

Tap into experiences with the Nokia 6212 classic - FierceWireless - Wireless Industry, Wireless Technology News, Wireless Security News

Nokia yesterday introduced the Nokia 6212 3G phone which incorporates Near Field Communications (NFC).

This is expected to be available in EU and Asian markets later in the summer for around Euros 200.

NFC allows payments and other transactions to be carried out (something like a mobile Oyster card) by tapping the phone on to an NFC reader. It can also link to credit card information on the phone for NFC credit card payment systems.

Photos, weblinks, etc can also be transferred between devices and Nokia have a NFC headset.

In the UK Oyster is becoming widespread and Barclaycard have a combined Oyster/CreditCard, integration with phones is the next step.

General Information | Ofcom

General Information | Ofcom

Ofcom have released an information update on Band III. PDF file.

Ofcom unilaterally allocated some of the band for private mobile radio use and made agreements with neigbouring countries where interference may occur (the band was the old 405 black and white TV band).

Now there has been an RCC conference - which has kept the band for TV use, some users will have to move to other bands or cease operations.

This document clarifies those moves etc.