AstriCon : September 22-25, 2008 : Glendale, AZ

AstriCon : September 22-25, 2008 : Glendale, AZ

Skype have announced a channel driver for Asterisk the open source IP PBX from Digium. This will allow an Asterisk server to connect to Skype's network and have access to all of Skype's users and dial-out rates (and also dial-in capability).

The driver is currently in beta and there is a beta program available. The driver will be licensed on a per channel basis.

Very little information about the system has been released except it's a binary install but Astricon visitors seemed to like it. There are worries that it will still become a SuperNode if used on public Internet space which means other Skype users connect through that node - which can mean all your bandwidth been used.


Delivering super-fast broadband in the UK | Ofcom

Delivering super-fast broadband in the UK | Ofcom

Ofcom is holding a consultation (that finishes on 22 Dec 2008) on the future of super fast broadband in the UK.

Any one can respond and should do via the link above, then follow the "How to Respond".

Super-complaint on the cost of calls made by prisoners | Ofcom

Super-complaint on the cost of calls made by prisoners | Ofcom

The National Consumer Council (“NCC”), The Scottish Consumer Council (“SCC”) and the Welsh Consumer Council (“WCC”), supported by the Prison Reform Trust have complained to Ofcom about the pricing of telephony services (mainly calls) for prisoners.

BT run telephony services for HM Prison Service Trust in England and Wales and Siemens Enterprise Communications Ltd run services for Scottish Prison Service in Scotland. Currently all other providers are locked out from providing any kind of services.

The complaint states the high cost of calls are unrelated to the cost of provision, the charges for the systems are high when the cost of ICT is generally dropping, the T&C's of the existing contract explicitly seek to prevent competition and that the contracts themselves are secretive.

Ofcom will ensure that NCC has presented a reasoned case for further investigation and if so it will further investigate and make a decision as what to do by Sept 22nd 2008.

LloydsTSB offer mobile banking

Lloyds have released a Java app for mobile phones that allows their customers real control over their bank accounts.

Customers can move money between accounts (say a current account and savings account), add credit cards, check balances, statements etc.

Though textual in nature (so it should work on most handsets) it's easy to use and does allow a customer access to basic account functions.

Assuming the customer has set most of their accounts on-line through traditional means (like on-line banking), the mobile client should then be able to access those accounts.

Hopefully all access from the client to the back-end services are secure (though there was no way to tell).

It's a lot easier to use than older WAP propositions.