Thoughts on European Start Ups

Thoughts on European Start Ups

Really nice presentation on "Thoughts on European Start Ups", though the financial world might be in turmoil, there's still hopes for start-ups - easpecially in Europe.

Don't know who wrote it (cape), but worth viewing.


Sony E-Reader

A quick initial review of Sony PRS-505. It actually works really well. Download a book, sync the library and off you go.

Even on the smallest font it's quite readable and the E-Ink has a very high contrast that's easy on the eye. The black-on-white works, it's just a bit weird when changing pages as the screen seems to invert and then flip to the new page, but it's all relatively smooth and quick.

The reader came with an optional LED light casing (that has a plastic flap that lies over the screen) which makes it usable in dark environments.

Unfortunately it only works on a PC (no Mac support) and it requires downloading of Adobe Digital Editions.

Waterstones in the UK have a limited selection of Ebooks, though that's bound to increase and there's a lot of other stuff out there that will also work (it reads PDF docs).

However don't buy one !!! Sony have announced the next version (PRS-700) which has a slightly bigger screen, LED lighting built in and it's touch screen so no buttons to navigate with. It's out in the US in November (though no UK timescales announced).