Apple launches quad core MacPros

Apple have released new MacPro desktop machines with quad core CPUs allowing up to 8 cores per machines.

They cost about £4,000 but they are bound to attract interest from the high end creatives.

Since Adobe have now launched CS3 (in various flavours) with native Mac/Intel support, the new machines will make a match in heaven for people using Photoshop and other applications that have a high pixel count etc.

Please find me one.

Joost is very cool

Joost have launched their service in beta, these are the guys that set-up Kazaa and then Skype. It's an IPTV system that uses P2P. There's a description of how it all works on the UKNOF site (Manchester/UKNOF7).

It's currently in beta and works on invites where every now and again beta users get to invite other users.

Quality is actually pretty good though navigation is a bid odd and needs getting used to.

It's going to be big.


EMI to offer DRM free music through iTunes

EMI has ditched DRM for music sold through the iTunes store.

New music will be encoded at 256Kb/s (compared to current DRM encoded tracks at 128Kb/s), each track will cost 99p (compared to 79p for DRM encoded).

Users can automagically upgrade all their DRM tracks to non-DRM'ed tracks for 20p per track.

Future video content from EMI will not be DRM'ed and there will be no increase in price.

This is a major change for a big music label and hopefully is the way of things to come.