Linking without Libya (well an alternative), try Poplinks

Many sites want to have short links that point to their content for use on Twitter or other social media accounts. There are quite a few sites already doing this, but do you want you link to be hijacked if the regime say changes in Libya?

There's now an alternative called Poplinks and they have some quite neat features (there's also a free plan so you can trial the service). Though the choice of .io is controversial (but probably for another post) and Poplink is moving to the pool.ink domain soon.

Poplinks allow you to enter a URL that you want the Poplink to point to, the actual link can be named whatever you want i.e. say popl.ink/mysensiblename and then this can be called form a button, an image or Mailchimp.

Custom domains can be used which point the domain to Poplink (i.e. your own domain can be used).

Once the campaigns/links have been set-up, there's a nice dashboard to track it all.

It's quite a useful service and really easy to use and much nicer than supporting the Chocolate Factory or Libya.

There's currently a promotion on which gives 70% off all plans using code POP70OFF, sign-up at Poplink.