Apple releases new iPods

As expected Apple announced updated and new iPods.

The Shuffle gains new colours.

The Nano's are now fully metal and support video as well as things like CoverFlow.

iPod Classic is now all metal in 80GB and 160GB (and thinner than current models and with longer battery life), also with CoverFlow.

The new iPod Touch comes in 8GB and 16GB models and includes WiFi (basically an iPhone without the phone).

The 4GB iPhone has been dropped and the 8GB version reduced by $200 to $399.

Apple have also done a deal with Starbucks which allows buying of the last 10 played songs via in-store WiFi. It's not clear whether the iPod/Phone will be able to use WiFi for anything else though (without paying for it).

As the iPod Touch comes in a 16GB version, it's likely the iPhone will too at some point.