Spotify goes iPhone and US (soon)

Spotify the Swedish music streaming company (which has players for Mac and Windows) has now launched an iPhone version.

It's been in the queue with Apple for about a month, but was finally given approval yesterday. Many feared it wouldn't make the app store as it competes with Apple's own iTunes service.

Spotify on iPhone will only be available to users who subscribe to their £9.99 per month service, though the application is a free download. Spotify expect the iPhone app to drive new customers to their premium services.

The app allows sync'ed playlists with the desktop version and other features.

US customers still have to wait until Spotify complete licensing deals with the stakeholders in the US, but a launch there is expected next year, though some lucky US people have had pre-launch invites.

Spotify is also rumored to be in talks with Facebook who have been lacking a music service so far, a FB/Spotify tie-up would seriously impinge MySpace's youth music market.

Whichever way you look at it, Spotify are a company to watch, hopefully they'll not get bought out by Facebook or other US giant and can be a genuine European success story.


Google transports 600GB of data per day

Google's municipal WiFi network in Mountain View, CA is now transporting more than 600GB of data per day.

Tropos built and maintains the network for Google, which offers free WiFi in about 12 square miles around Mountain View.

The traffic volumes have doubled over the last 2 years and much of the increased traffic can be attributed to iPhones and other devices with built-in WiFi.

AT&T is also seeing increased device usage in its hotspots, but muni WiFi has not succeeded on the whole.

Apple haven't "rejected" Google Voice

Apple's response to the FCC investigation over allegations of Apple rejecting Google's Google Voice app are unfounded, maybe.

Apple is still considering whether it should allow the application into the app store. It has not consulted with the MNOs and it's still in internal discussions.

Of course Apple's indecision is pretty much equivalent to them rejecting it, at least until they make a decision as a non-decision means no entry into the app store.

If Google Voice is allowed in, it could mean a change in policy for other VoIP applications which "intercept" the dialer.

Nokia announces now Booklet

Nokia has announced a new Windows laptop (or Booklet as they call it). It utilises the Intel Atom processor and comes with WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G built-in. It also incorporates A-GPS, an SD card reader and an HDMI port.

It does this all while having an impressive 12 hours battery life. It's also only weighs 1.25Kg and is less than 2cm thick while having an HD glass LCD panel.

Nokia haven't released full specs or pricing which will be announced at the forthcoming Nokia World.

Though running Windows, it will still offer the Ovi suite which will be pre-installed.

Nokia is obviously making a statement before Apple come out with their 10" ultra portable.