Apple special event Sept 18th

Apple are inviting journalists to a special event on September the 18th.

Speculation is the announcement of the new European 3G iPhone and the EU partners (O2 in UK?).



A Swedish company TerraNet has developed a peer to peer GSM technology that can be built in to a standard handset.

This means that calls between TerraNet enabled handsets don't go through the normal GSM operators' networks, but directly between handsets.

Though range is limited between handsets (around 1Km), the system can mesh handsets and hop calls through multiple handsets. This is also true for connection to a standard GSM network, so if handset A is within range of a basestation it can relay calls through it and extend the distance.

Most countries are likely to prohibit P2P GSM as the operators' license covers the handsets as well (they transmit and receive radio communication, therefore each handset requires a license - under the UK regime anyway) and most operators aren't likely to support the technology as it's a very quick way to reduce their call revenue.

However in countries that have limited coverage, operators might encourage this use.

In the UK there is potentially a way forward as the low power GSM Guard Band licensees might well be able to offer this technology within their license which would be completely disruptive to the MNOs.