In Car Entertainment

The very nice guys at Sound Gurus in East Finchley just did a very nice job of replacing a wired car kit with a Bluetooth one.

The place closed for a while and it seems the old owners might have gone into administration, but it's now run by Kookie who is a very nice and helpful person.

Worth a visit if any ICE work is needed.


SPAM levels

The drop in SPAM was short-lived and daily attempted mail deliveries have once again risen. Yesterday they peaked at over 2.5m, but today it's just over 1m.

Of the 1m attempted messages 2,000 were "clean" and passed through the appliance.

YouTube - wearesocial's Channel

YouTube - wearesocial's Channel

OK it's a PR stunt, but the technology is pretty cool.

You get a 3D bar code and stick it on something, install some software for your Nokia phone and point the phone at the 3D code.

The phone will then show the background, but where the 3D code is a Ford Ka is super-imposed in 3D floating in space.

The system was demo'ed at Mobile Geeks of London (organised by James Whatley which was a loose collection of people with an interest in mobile but mainly an excuse to drink beer.

The PR company is We Are Social


Britglyph Sign Up

Britglyph Sign Up

A new site has been set-up by Moblog and Shozu to document art.

The site goes live on Dec 1st, but users can register their mobile number and email address now to be notified when things start,