ConceptDraw Office v10: Taking the "Office" Out of Office Work (In a Good Way)

ConceptDraw OFFICE from CSOdessa has released its 10th version, pretty amazing since Ukraine's been illegally invaded by Russia.

ConceptDraw Office v10 has arrived, and it's shaping up to be a game-changer for visual thinkers across all industries. This productivity suite bundles three powerhouse applications: ConceptDraw MINDMAP, PROJECT, and DIAGRAM (formerly PRO). Let's dive into what makes v10 such a compelling upgrade (or just a compelling purchase).

ConceptDraw has always been known for its intuitive diagramming capabilities, and v10 takes it a step further.  DIAGRAM boasts a sleek interface and an extensive library of pre-built templates and symbols, allowing you to create stunning flowcharts, network diagrams, mind maps, and more –  all with just a few clicks.

One of the biggest strengths of v10 is the seamless integration between the three applications. Brainstorming ideas in MINDMAP? Effortlessly convert them into actionable tasks in PROJECT. Need to present your project plan? Export your data directly into a polished DIAGRAM for maximum impact. This streamlined workflow eliminates the need for juggling multiple programs, saving you valuable time and frustration.

New features are: -

Apple Silicon support and macOS Sonoma so the programs run natively on M series Macs.

Rapid Draw - –°reate diagrams faster than ever with expanded Rapid Draw functionality. You can personalise RapidDraw for creating flowcharts using your customised objects.

Grouped Objects in a Diagram - Editing objects in a group individually is easy. You can use a special command to change one object in a group without affecting the others.

Multi-page Mind Maps - Easily create and design multi-page mind maps. Apply the first page style to the entire multi-page map with one click.

Outline View - View and edit your mind map as a diagram with an updated interface and new editing capabilities.

Micro Reports - A new line of micro-reports to remind your team on project deadlines. Create manually or set up automatic creation of ready-to-send deadline reminder emails.

Export to MS Excel - Export project data to MS Excel spreadsheets "as is", including project schedule, resource allocation, cost data, etc.

Interface improvements - 
New captions on the buttons during apps and solutions installation process.

Built-in Help including instructions on activation, proxy set up, and keyboard shortcuts.

Office now comes 222 solution packs of which 163 are free and 59 are paid for, they are: -

Business Infographics
Economy Infographics $25
Education Infographics $25
Energy Industry Infographics $25
Financial Infographics $25
Green Energy $25
Management Infographics $25
Marketing Infographics $25
Mass Media Infographics $25
Oil and Gas $25
Politics Infographics $25
Travel Infographics $25

Business Processes
Business Process Diagrams FREE
Business Process Mapping FREE
Classic Business Process Modeling FREE
Cross-Functional Flowcharts FREE
Event-driven Process Chain Diagrams FREE
IDEF Business Process Diagrams FREE
Logistics Flow Charts FREE
Workflow Diagrams FREE
Business Intelligence Dashboard $99
Business Process Workflow Diagrams $49
Healthcare Management Workflow Diagrams $49
Logistic Dashboard $49

Business Productivity
Presentation Exchange FREE
Word Exchange FREE
Collaboration FREE
ConceptDraw Dashboard for Facebook FREE
Mind Map Exchange FREE
MindTweet FREE
Note Exchange FREE
Project Exchange FREE
Social Media Response FREE

Computer and Networks
Active Directory Diagrams FREE
AWS Architecture Diagrams FREE
Azure Architecture FREE
Cisco Network Diagrams FREE
Cisco Networking FREE
Cloud Computing Diagrams FREE
Computer Network Diagrams FREE
Google Cloud Platform FREE
Interactive Voice Response Diagrams FREE
Network Layout Floor Plans FREE
Network Security Diagrams FREE
Rack Diagrams FREE
Telecommunication Network Diagrams FREE
Vehicular Networking FREE
Wireless Networks FREE
Internet of Things $30

Comparison Dashboard FREE
Composition Dashboard FREE
Correlation Dashboard FREE
Frequency Distribution Dashboard FREE
Meter Dashboard FREE
Spatial Dashboard FREE
Status Dashboard FREE
Time Series Dashboard FREE

Basic Circle-Spoke Diagrams FREE
Basic Circular Arrows Diagrams FREE
Basic Venn Diagrams FREE
Block Diagrams FREE
Concept Maps FREE
Family Tree FREE
Flowcharts FREE

Finance and Accounting
Accounting Flowcharts FREE
Audit Flowcharts FREE
Food and Beverage
Food Court FREE
Cooking Recipes $25
Health Food $25

Graphs and Charts
Basic Area Charts FREE
Basic Bar Graphs FREE
Basic Divided Bar Diagrams FREE
Basic Histograms FREE
Basic Line Graphs FREE
Basic Picture Graphs FREE
Basic Pie Charts FREE
Basic Scatter Diagrams FREE

Health Informatics FREE
Allergology $49
Biomedicine $49 Genogram $25
Health Sciences $25
Human Anatomy $25
Immunology $49
Medical Illustrations $25
Medical Mycology $49
Medical Virology $49
Pharmacy Illustrations $25

Aerospace and Transport FREE
Artwork FREE
Audio, Video, Media FREE
Business and Finance FREE
Computers and Communications FREE
Holiday FREE
Manufacturing and Maintenance FREE
Nature FREE
People FREE
Presentation Clipart FREE
Safety and Security FREE

Industrial Engineering
Analog Electronics FREE
Audio and Video Connectors FREE
Basic Circuit Diagrams FREE
Chemical and Process Engineering FREE
Digital Electronics FREE
Electrical Engineering FREE
Electron Tube Circuits FREE
Electronic Block Diagrams FREE
Fault Tree Analysis Diagrams FREE
GHS Hazard Pictograms FREE
Home Automation and Wiring FREE
Mechanical Engineering FREE
One-line Diagrams FREE
Power –°ircuits FREE
Specification and Description Language (SDL) FREE
Telecom and AV Circuits FREE
Transport Hazard Pictograms FREE

Data-driven Infographics FREE
Pictorial Infographics FREE
Spatial Infographics FREE
Typography Infographics FREE

Calendars FREE
Decision Making FREE
Enterprise Architecture Diagrams FREE
Fishbone Diagrams FREE
Organizational Charts FREE
Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) FREE
Seven Management and Planning Tools FREE
SWOT and TOWS Matrix Diagrams FREE
Timeline Diagrams FREE
25 Typical Orgcharts $25
Business Diagrams $49
CRM Center Dashboard $49
Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance $25
HR Dashboard $49
HR Flowcharts $25
Public Utilities $25
Stakeholder Onion Diagrams $49
Sustainable Development $25

Australia Map FREE
Continent Maps FREE
Directional Maps FREE
Germany Map FREE
Metro Map FREE

Customer Journey Mapping FREE
Marketing Diagrams FREE
Matrices FREE
Pyramid Diagrams FREE
Sales Dashboard FREE
Sales Flowcharts FREE
Target and Circular Diagrams FREE
Funnel Diagrams $25

Building Design Package $180
Business Diagrams Package $230
Business Infographics Package $130
Business Management Package $367
Education Package $160
Health Package $180
Project Management Package $158

Project Management
Cash Flow Reports FREE
Current Activities Reports FREE
Custom Excel Report FREE
Knowledge Reports FREE
Overview Reports FREE
PM Dashboards FREE
PM Meetings FREE
PM Personal Time Management FREE
PM Planning FREE
PM Presentations FREE
PM Response FREE
Resource Usage Reports FREE
Visual Reports FREE
Kanban Board $25
MindMap Diagrams $99
PM Mind Maps and Tables $25
Project Diagrams $49
Scrum Workflow $49

Quality Management
House of Quality FREE
Quality Mind Map FREE
Total Quality Management TQM Diagrams FREE
Value Stream Mapping FREE
Seven Basic Tools of Quality $25
Science and Education
Astronomy FREE
Biology FREE
Chemistry FREE
Language Learning FREE
Mathematics FREE
Physics FREE
Piano Sheet Music FREE

Software Development
Android User Interface FREE
Class Hierarchy Tree FREE
Data Flow Diagrams (DFD) FREE
Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) FREE
EXPRESS-G data Modeling Diagram FREE
IDEF0 Diagrams FREE
iPhone User Interface FREE
Jackson Structured Programming (JSP) Diagrams FREE
macOS User Interface FREE
Object-Role Modeling (ORM) Diagrams FREE
Website Wireframe FREE
Windows 10 User Interface FREE
ATM UML Diagrams $25

Baseball FREE
Basketball FREE
Chess FREE
Football FREE
Ice Hockey FREE
Soccer FREE
Winter Sports FREE
Summer Sports $25

Statistical Charts
Area Charts $25
Bar Graphs $35
Divided Bar Diagrams $25
Histograms $30 Line Graphs $25
Picture Graphs $40
Pie Charts $20
Scatter Diagrams $25

Some of the paid solutions are actually complete packages where some free and paid solutions are bundled.

All the programs are easy to use and offer a sensible alternative to incumbent application from the dominant players and they work well together (though Mindmap, Project and Diagram can be purchased separately).

The current price for ConceptDraw OFFICE 10 £239 (usually £399) May 2024.

Individually ConceptDraw DIAGRAM 17 is £159, ConceptDraw PROJECT 14 is £239 and ConceptDraw MINDMAP 15 is £159 and there is a ConceptDraw MINDMAP 15 & PROJECT 14 which is £319 (which make no sense when the whole suite is £90 cheaper). There are also upgrade options if you own a previous version.


See Clearly, Clean Safely: The TOFARO Visual Ear Cleaner

Another day, another Kickstarter. Who doesn't want an in-ear camera system?

Ever felt like you're flying blind when cleaning your ears? Traditional cotton swabs can be ineffective and even push wax further into the ear canal. TOFARO, a new visual ear cleaner on the scene, promises a safer, more precise clean with the help of a high-definition camera.


TOFARO boasts a 1080p HD camera that transmits a live feed to your smartphone or tablet via a dedicated app. This allows you to magnify and examine the inner ear, ensuring you only clean what needs cleaning. Blurry images are a thing of the past, thanks to TOFARO's advanced lens technology.

Inside box

Safety is paramount when it comes to ear care. TOFARO features a detachable cleaning head with a built-in storage compartment. This not only keeps the head clean and hygienic but also prevents accidental loss. The 360-degree angle detection and a smart gyroscope ensure you have complete control and can maneuver the cleaning rod precisely within the ear canal.

Silicon scraper

TOFARO is designed to be compact and portable. It can be carried around easily (though would you want to?). It has a WiFi hotspot that you connect your phone/tablet to and then the app simply connects via this.

Camera with cap
Though not a medical device, it's always important to ensure the device is used safely and shouldn't be used if previous problems with any parts of the ear.

Cap removed

Looking inside your ear may show unexpected things and if these are serious seek medical advice rather than poking around and damaging yourself.

Unit twisted, exposing tube and light that is inserted

The silicon scrapers are relatively soft and if placed behind any wax and gently pulled forward, the wax usually comes with it.

USB-C charging

Again, if wax lodged in the ear and doesn't want to move, don't try forcing it, you can do damage to the surrounding area.

In Ear

The above is a view from the camera of a real ear.

It's a novel device with a decent camera (and gyroscopic stabilisation if required).


Nank(was Naenka) Runner Neo: Bone Conduction for the (Active) Soul music

Bone conduction headphones have risen in popularity with runners, cyclists and other sports enthusiasts as listening to music doesn't mean you can't engage with your surroundings and you're aware of what's going on around you.

Product Box

The Nank(was Naenka) Runner Neo's come in three colours, red, grey and green (though the red is quite orangey and the green quite light). A great improvement to other Nank and competitor products is the wireless charging, The charger connects via USB A and has a white LED to showing it's powered. The right control section magnetically sits on the charger and the white LED in the arm will flash (along with the LED in the charger) when it's charging, both light are steady white when fully charged.

Tech Features: -

  • IP66 water resistant
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Skin-friendly silicone
  • 10-hour Playtime (2 hours charge time)
  • Dual-mic Noise Reduction, Clear Sound Quality
  • QCC chips from Qualcomm (High Performance with Low Power Consumption)

Also included with the headphones are 2 Earplugs, 6 sound quality enhancers and a user manual.

Headphone in box

The Runner Neo boasts a sleek, minimalist design with a one-piece, fully-silicone frame. This not only contributes to a cool, futuristic aesthetic but also enhances durability and sweat resistance – ideal for workouts. The headphones are lightweight, weighing just 28 grams, and sit comfortably on your skin without causing pressure or irritation.

Sound quality enhancers

The core of any bone conduction headphone is its audio delivery. The Runner Neo utilises advanced bone conduction technology to transmit sound vibrations through your cheekbones. This approach keeps your ears open, allowing for ambient noise awareness, which is crucial for safety during outdoor activities.

The sound quality is surprisingly good for bone conduction headphones. While it won't match the bass punch of over-ear options and some in-ear options, the Runner Neo delivers crisp highs, clear mids, and a decent amount of low-end rumble. Podcasts and audiobooks come across clearly, and music playback is enjoyable, especially for genres like pop, rock, and electronica.

The sound is enhanced when the "sound quality enhancers" are placed in the ear, but that sort of removes the ability to hear what's going around you, which is the main point of bone conducting earphones.

Charging cable

The wireless charging is a great feature, as it removes the need to plug anything in or have contacts exposed, which makes the whole system waterproof and little chance of sweat or rain getting into the internals.

Charger on earphones

Call quality is decent, with the dual microphones effectively picking up your voice well.

Controls are simple and intuitive, with three buttons located on the right earpiece. These buttons handle power, volume, playback, and call functionality.

Showing charger attached

The headphones can do multipoint pairing and connect to two devices simultaneously.

Though they are comfortable, if the volume is too loud they can vibrate on the skin which gives a tickling sensation which can be annoying.

Maybe not as high fidelity as some competing bone conduction headphones, but for the price they perform pretty well. They are currently £60.31 from Nank's site.