Calibre an eBook tool

Calibre is available in versions for Windows, MacOS X and Linux, it's an eBook reader and a lot more, really an eBook toolbox that allows conversion of one eBook format to another. It can also manage an eBook library and supports lots of eBooks readers such as the iPad, Nook, Kindle etc.

If you happen to have downloaded an eBook, but the metadata is wrong or missing it's possible to enter the data yourself or get Calibre to search various sources (Google, Amazon, Overdrive) and find matching books, you then get the choice of what data to use and even choose the cover if there are variants.

You can even search for eBook on-line and Calibre will show which are available, their price and whether they have DRM or not. You can click on your choice and be taken directly to the eBook on the source website.

Calibre is an invaluable tool for all eBook owners.