Clarity for consumers on broadband speeds | Ofcom

Clarity for consumers on broadband speeds | Ofcom:

Ofcom has published a code of practice for ISPs which they undertake not to mis-sell broadband products based on speed.

Steps that fixed-line ISPs are required to take under the voluntary Code include:

* providing customers at the point of sale with an accurate estimate of the maximum speed that the line can support, whether it is in the shop, over the internet or on the phone

* resolving technical issues to improve speed and offering customers the choice to move onto a lower speed package when estimates given are inaccurate

* ensuring all sales and promotion staff have a proper understanding of the products they are selling so they can explain to their customers the meaning of the estimates provided at the point of sale

* providing consumers with information on usage limits and alerting customers when they have breached them.

The following is a list of ISPs that have already signed-up to the code of practice

The ISPs that have already signed up to the code are:

* AOL Broadband
* Be Broadband
* BT Total Broadband
* Dark Group Ltd
* Eclipse Internet
* Exa Networks
* Fast.co.uk
* Firefly Internet
* Freedom2Surf
* Gravity Internet
* Greenbee Broadband
* Karoo
* MacAce.net
* Madasafish
* Netplan Internet Solutions Ltd
* Nildram
* O2 Business Broadband
* O2 Home Broadband
* Orange Home
* Pipex Homecall
* Pipex Internet
* Playlouder.com
* PlusNet Broadband
* Polestar Interactive Ltd
* Pro-Net Internet Services Ltd
* Sky
* Solutios
* Surf Anytime
* TalkTalk
* TalkTalk Business
* Tiscali
* Toucan
* UK Online
* Virgin Media
* Waitrose Broadband
* Zen Internet

This covers 90% of all broadband users.