Innovate 100 winners and losers

The Innovate100 London Pitch!Slam competition took place last night. The event slowly took shape at the Media Hub in Carnaby Street.

There were 6 pitches then a break (and alcohol) and another 6 pitches. This was unfortunate as the second set of pitchers were confronted with a noisy audience who were now fuelled and some even slightly aggressive.

DBVu gave their first real public pitch as the first of the second round pitches, it went reasonably well (even if I say so myself), however it may have been slightly early in the scheme of things as DBVu haven't released any product as yet which would give them a low "G/score" which is the rating system used by Innovate100.

The event winners were Skimlinks who make it easy for publishers to earn money from affiliate marketing and Shutl who have a very innovative site allowing E-Commerce sites to deliver within 90 minutes or any (customer) chosen 1 hour slot.

As an established start-up it's worth applying to a local Pitch!Slam session.


Ofcom consults on two new TLAs, WBA and WLA

Ofcom has announced two new consultations (both close on 01/06/2010): -

* Wholesale Local Access market

* Wholesale Broadband Access

WLA is concerned with BT offering fibre-to-the-(street) Cabinet or FTTC / fibre-to-the premises FTTP services to 3rd parties (i.e. other operators) and this is likely to be done using Virtual Unbundled Local Access (VULA) i.e. BT will have to provide a virtual connection across its network to the 3d party. BT will also have to make available duct or pole space to allow 3rd parties to install their own fibre deployments known as Physical infrastructure access (PIA).

WBA is concerned with broadband market across the UK and where companies have significant market power or SMP. BT is SMP for most of the UK with the noticeable exception of Hull which is is serviced by Kingston Communications who have SMP. However where local local unbundled services are offered by at least 3 other operators, BT do not have SMP.

The are therefore four separate geographic markets:
* The Hull area (covering 0.7% of UK premises): those areas covered by exchanges where KCOM is the only operator.

* Market 1 (covering 16.4% of UK premises): those areas covered by exchanges where BT is the only operator.

* Market 2 (covering 13.7% of UK premises): those areas covered by exchanges where there are 2 or 3 operators.

* Market 3 (covering 69.2% of UK premises): those areas covered by exchanges where there are 4 or more operators.

KCOM hold a position of SMP in the Hull Area. BT hold a position of SMP in Market 1 and in Market 2, but that no operator holds a position of SMP in Market 3.

Ofcom want to take steps to ensure growth with occur in markets 1 and 2 and BT can not make excessive price rises.

Anyone can respond to the consultations via the Ofcom website for WBA and WLA


50% discount to London Innovate100 pitch event

DBVu are pitching at Innovate100 at the London event.

If anyone wants to go there's a 50% discount on offer by clicking here. This means it's €20 to go to the event.

Anyone would be welcome.